Archive: January 17, 2022

Here’s everything you need to know to hire a top makeup artist in bangalore for your wedding day.

In 10 easy questions, you can find everything you need to hire a make-up artist for your wedding.

If you have been asked to find a professional top makeup artist in bangalore for your wedding, either as brides or brides-to-be, or as maids of honour, these are the questions to ask. Avoiding hiring an amateur makeup artist will save you time and money on your wedding day.

1. Referrals! Refer to satisfied brides!
2. Ask the manufacturer if they have a color keyed foundation for film and lighting. Remember, different light sources such as natural, tungsten and candle lights will produce 4 different colors for your skin.
3. Ask about contouring.
4. How can an artist disguise any imperfections?
5. How about the lipstick? Yours? Hers? What can you do to touch up?
6. Trial runs are essential! Do not hesitate to do so!
7. Your trial run should be photographed, using the same camera type as your wedding. Please, no polaroid’s.
8. Longevity: How will the product fit?
9. Sign a contract detailing arrival and departure times, number of guests, services offered, and total cost. A deposit is required before the wedding date.
10. What are the main types of makeup used by artists?

When interviewing professional makeup artists, there are important questions about bridal beauty. Do not be intimidated by fancy websites or portfolios. You are asking questions about your destination and bridal look. You are the bride, so be yourself!