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Dubai-based Printing Services Providers

Monitoring the printing industry

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) is the patron of the printing industry, just like other industries. The Printing and Publishing Group was established by the DCCI to improve the printing services and help solve any problems that may arise. The Dubai International Print Awards (DIPA) is an annual gala celebrating the achievements of companies in this sector.

Major printing services in Dubai

Offset Printing

This is a very popular mixtiles uae method that involves the transmission of full-color images from a plate to a rubber blanket, and then onto the paper. Complete products include brochures, newspapers, magazines, books and stationery.

Flexographic printing

This technology allows printing presses to use a flexible letterpress, which can print on many surfaces, including metallic films, laminated material, synthetic items, and paper. Printing with this technology includes packaging materials, self-adhesive label, wallpaper, kitchen utensils, and wrappers.

Security Printing

Security printing is an option for those who need items with some type of protection or identification. This category includes election papers, stock market bonds passports and identification cards as well as lottery tickets, visa papers, identification papers, visa papers, security printing, cheques, shares certificates, tickets to air travel, gift vouchers, and lottery tickets.

Digital Printing

Printing services that can access digital information to print it directly are vital with so much information stored in digital formats. These printers can print on a variety of substrates. High quality photos, commercial printing products (for marketing or sales ventures), architectural products, and art items are all possible.

A few of the printing service providers

Emirates Printing Press

EPP prints more than 200 million pages per month and serves the majority of printing needs for many people and organizations. EPP sells books, directories, brochures and annual reports as well as magazines and magazines. EPP also offers related services like packaging, binding and varnishing in the same building. EPP’s clients include Burj Al Arab, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Raqam International

This company is a specialist in printing custom ribbons and labels. However, they also offer multiple printing services. Raqam International is a certified ISO printer and has received nominations for print awards, especially for their flexographic printing. This firm is a notable customer of banks, pharmacies, malls and fast-moving consumer goods industries.

Pentown Paper Products

Pentown offers a wide range of quality services. You can choose from offset printing or digital printing. Packaging, advertising, and even vehicle graphics are all available. This impressive portfolio attracted organizations such as Canon, Hamptons International, and the International Cricket Council. They were awarded the DIPA Award in 2014 for their excellence in digital printing.

Spectrum UAE Limited

They are proud of their competitive rates, superior customer service and high quality. Spectrum offers a range of services including advertising, public relations and finance. They also offer publishing and media-related printing solutions. Al Arabi Travel and Baraka Media are just a few of the organizations Spectrum serves.