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Just because of live football

What can you do to keep someone you don’t like? No matter how hard you try to push him away, his roads will lead you back to him.

The boy has been my friend for many years. We grew up together and shared our most important interests. Since childhood, we were close friends. He once insisted that I play with him when I was ten. It was football, and I had no idea how to play it. He cursed me for not agreeing to play the game. Because he was my best friend I was forced to join the game instead. Fearing that he would be less fond of me and make me feel bad, So I joined forces with my opponent to be his goalkeeper.

I was only a few days away from the worst incident, when I was severely injured by his most powerful kick. My nostrils were definitely damaged when blood continued to flow down my nose. I can still recall the pain and impending death that caused me to lose consciousness. I was immediately taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

My parents banned me from ever seeing him again. I was even turned off by live football As we both went to high school, we lived separate lives. So that we wouldn’t see each other, we went to different schools. Ironically, we never met up again because he played the same game I loathed. He also practiced every day on the school’s field. I don’t need to say more. For the two of them, the world was certainly small.

We remained distant and dull over the years. I was a nurse and he was still a soccer player. I didn’t know that the same game that drove me away from him at the beginning would become the one that brought me back.

A company hired me to provide emergency care for injured athletes at a sporting festival. Because he had been hit with a soccer ball, I was caring for him. As I was treating him, I couldn’t help but speak to him and rush him to the hospital. Surprised, I felt a sense of concern for him that exuded in me. I didn’t leave him until the end of his treatment. Surprisingly, the next day he showed up at my door with a bouquet of flowers and invited me to dinner. We had a lot of fun watching Premiere League’s latest season while we drank wine.